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Vintage Girl

LW: Poses - Appreciate the light - female pose

Exclusive for the XXX Event opening August 15th at 01:00 pm slt. and closing September 5th at 01:00 pm slt.

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A R T E - Nordic Eyes @ Whimsical August 18th
Event: Whimsical

Event start: August 18th - Sept 18th

Theme: None

Discount: None

Demo available.

Included in the pack:

- 1 eyes applier (6 color options). It's possible to mix the colors, for instance applying one eye brown and the other eye blue.

These eyes requires the Catwa mesh eyes in order to work properly, or the rigged eyes that comes along with Catwa Bento heads. The catwa mesh eyes can be purchased here:

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Miriam Lemondrop by NC in world.

Hope you enjoy & thank you <33

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