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Taken [ Elysion ] -
A R T E - Passion Lipstick & Eyeshadow @ Cosmetic Fair 15 Oct
 2 appliers (sold separately): 1 Lipstick applier (6 options) and 1 eyeshadow applier (6 options). For Catwa mesh head. Hope you enjoy & tysm for your wonderful creations
Event: The Cosmetic Fair
 Event duration: 15-31 October
 Discount: None
 Theme: Orange
 Demo available.
 Includes 2 Catwa appliers:
 - Passion Eyeshadow (6 options)
- Passion Lipstick (6 options)
  This make-up is for CATWA mesh head only!
  If you have any questions or concerns please contact Miriam Lemondrop by NC in world.
 Hope you enjoy & thank you <33
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- tag Miriam Lemondrop
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 Miriam Lemondrop
 My new product is at Cosmopolitan Event new round. Thank you for your work in advance.
 Casadel <3
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